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5 Day RESET  

Starting February 7th. 2016 

Let the 5 Day Reset change your life? Reveal a new healthier you in just 5 days!

It’s no secret that the key to effective weight loss is making positive changes in your diet and exercise habits. However, making those healthy lifestyle changes and improving eating habits can often seem like insurmountable tasks.

With that in mind, this RESET weight management program was developed by scientists to help people jumpstart healthy eating habits and begin to make a clean break from unhealthy, high-glycemic foods.*

Top 6 Reasons for becoming a Preferred Customer!

  • It’s FREE!  Absolutely NO membership fees ever!
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  • No obligation!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Easy 24/7 Account Access!
  • Initial Order Reward for New PC’s with an initial order!
  • My 12 Day Detox Program for FREE…with the purchase of your USANA Supplements at your special Preferred Customer discount.

Step 1.  Click on the ‘Reset Button’ below,  sign up as a Preferred Customer and purchase the 5 Day Reset Kit.

5 Day Reset

Step 2.  Then…come back here and Click on the ‘Detox Button’ below and sign up for your FREE 12 Day Detox Program by ordering your USANA Supplements that will enhance and compliment your weightloss goals perfectly!  You are going to be amazed at your results!

12 Day Detox